Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just landed..... and taking it all in.

Hi Everyone,

I made it to Belize! The flight was good and time seemed to pass quickly. I suffered from a bit of culture shock when I first stepped off of the plane. I tried to picture what a third world country was like but it didn't sink in until I saw it. Most of the people here walk everywhere and people are all in the streets. There is one highway that runs throughout Belize and as you drive, you have to watch out for bike riders, pedestrians and stray dogs. I have never seen this many stray dogs in my life. I have found out how much I love my air conditioning and Health Inspected restuarants.

The weather is very humid and hot here, you feel like you just got out of a hot shower all the time. I haven't stopped sweating since I arrived here and cold showers are the greatest thing in the world. I have been to the ocean and I plan to go kayaking tomorrow before we go to the village. I got to see one of the Maya Ruin sites today and it is amazing how they constructed these structures.

The Maya Mountains are very beautiful and everything is a lush green. There are Iguanas that live by where we are staying, I have seen two so far. The majority of locals speak creole and I am working to understand it. It feels weird to be the minority here, when we drive down the people stare. Most that I have talked to have been really nice, I just feel really out of place.

These are just a few of the pictures that I have taken so far.....

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